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“In my creative loneliness, I hear the deepest of myself.”

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From a family of pilots, I was born to be an artist, I flew thanks to my ancestral blood towards light and color: My atmosphere, trapped forever in it, so I continued flying in the magic of color, chemistry, geometry, my passions mixed to the intensity of my productive creative imagination,
With the chemistry I get to manufacture the paint with which I paint today, with geometry and metallurgy I discover my sculptural world in the deepest part of my being, and thus my journey will continue forever



The texture forms and light enrich the content


  • $65
  • 11/30/2021 05:00 PM
  • Guangzhou Artists Association Exhibition Center, Yuexiu, Cantón, Provincia de Cantón, China

in the south of China in the province of canton, a high quality event, more than 30,000 people and art lovers

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  • $85
  • 05/19/2016 04:00 AM

By Yasef Ananda Master ALVARO DAZA in Beijing China Beijing, 05/06/2016 (People Online) -The Year of the Cultural Exchange of China with Latin America and the Caribbean maintains a firm step. To date, and since its inaugural gala, magnificent dance and musical performances have won the applause of the Chinese public. Now, as part of the sixteenth edition of the "Meet in Beijing" festival, the main hall of the Millennium Museum hosts the exhibition "Magic and Reality", which shows the works of 28 artists from 13 countries in the region. The curatorial concept of the sample imbricates the notion of magical realism, the dialogue between identities and the relationship with the cultural keys of China. The exhibition not only includes creators of different generations and latitudes, it also maintains a pleasant plurality of languages, poetics and discursive values. Conceived in its active interrelation with historical temporality, it can not be an entelechy or a fixed invariant.

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  • $75
  • 09/08/2011 05:00 PM
  • Shanghai Mart, Hongqiao Bridge, Changning, Shanghái, China

ART FAIR IN SHANGHAI one of the most important events in China

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  • Quintana Roo, Mexico


Alvaro Daza 1950 Bogotá  
Tarjeta Profesional No 3662, Junio 2002
Con más de 35 años de experiencia en el campo de la pintura y la escultura
He participado en más de 100 exposiciones a nivel nacional e internacional
Bienales, Ferias de arte, Subastas, actos de beneficencia y concursos.
Entrevistas en Periódicos, Revistas, televisión y prensa escrita y radial.
Elaboración de Catálogos y material impreso
2018. -  Por Amor al Arte Galería Turquesa. Febrero 2018, Cancún México
2016. -  Latin America and Caribbean Contemporary Art Exhibition China Art   Museum     November Shanghai China
2016. – Magic and Reality Millennium Monumental Gallery May 2016 Beijing China
2015. - Red Dot Art Fair.  DVictoria fine art gallery. Miami USA
2015. - Art Medellín Agosto. Medellín Colombia
2015. - X Bienal de Florencia Italia. Octubre Italy
2015. -18ª Beijing International Air Fair Septiembre China
2014. - Art Medellín.  Medellín Colombia
2014. - Exposición en Shun Art Gallery Shanghái China
2013. - Viarte Medellín Colombia
2013. - Exposición en Rainbow art Gallery  Shanghái China
2012. - The 17th Guangzhou International art Fair  Diciembre Gunaghzou China
2012. - Shanghái Art Fair  Noviembre, Shanghái
2011.- Subasta de arte para caridad, Shanghái China
2011. - Art Cantón  Octubre
2011. - Shanghai Art Fair  September, Shanghai China
2011. - Art Shanghái Abril, Shanghái China
2011. - Libro sobre la obra Maestros del Arte Colombiano Dos Generaciones
             Cuervo Editores
             Impreso en Colombia
             Por Panamericana Formas e Impresos S.A.
2010. - Fiarte 1ra Feria Internacional de arte Santo Domingo, República Dominicana
2010. - Miami Art Space Satellite Art Events Miami, Florida
2009. - International Contemporary Artists vol No1
2009. - Miami Art Space Satellite Art Events Miami, Florida
2009. - Hito Escultórico.  Antofagasta Chile.
2009. - Museo El Castillo, Medellín. Colombia
2007. - Neo mundo, Bucaramanga. Colombia
2007.- Galería distrital, Barranquilla.  Colombia
2006.- Galería Emerald art Cartagena.  Colombia
2004.-  Free Art. Galveston, Texas
2005.- Galería de arte Claustro de Santo Domingo
             Embajada de España      Cartagena, Colombia
2006.- Galería Emerald art Cartagena.  Colombia
2003. - Galería Radisson  Panamá. Panamá
2002. - Night Live Gallery  Saint Thomas. USA
2002. - Gallery la scala      San Diego. USA
2002. - Gallery Brikel square        Florida. USA
2001. - Estudio Abierto       Cartagena. Colombia
2001. - Tensho Gallery       Vancouver. Canadá
2000. - Gallery Schwartz and Martínez   Coral Gables. USA
2000. - Gallery Galaxy D´art         Manhattan. USA
2000. - Hotel Santa Clara  Cartagena. Colombia
1999. - Centro Andino Paseo de la Cultura  Esculturas Bogotá. Colombia
 1988. - Alcaldía de Medellín Exposición Medellín Colombia
 1988. - Galería VIP Aeropuerto   Cartagena. Colombia
 1997. - Galería Enrique Navas   Bogotá
 1994. - Galería Fundación Banco del Estado  Popayán. Colombia
 1992. - Galería FENALCO Bogotá. Colombia
 1991. - Galería 11  Alicante. España
 1989. - Galería Carrión Vivar Bogotá. Colombia
 1985. - Galería eventos especiales Bogotá. Colombia

Art reviews

Art reviews Art reviews Art reviews
“In my creative loneliness,
I hear the deepest of myself”
1950: Bogotá, Colombia.
1970: Engineering, Los Andes University
1975-1978: Painting  techniques with the Master Mary Sleguel.
1987-1993: Techniques. Formulas, The Beginning of the painting and Ancient Techniques.
1990: Style and original techniques, unique and unrepeatable.
His work invites the imagination and it is a relief to the eye of the beholder.
Whoever carefully examines a painting or one of his sculptures, experience the embrace of the Caribbean; breathe the cold of the winter or yearn the distant, enigmatic and amazing Asia.
His nature has more colors than the real one, therefore becomes more enchanting and his abstract work, has the flavor of perfection, since the balance frequents all the spaces. The real ones and the imagined.
Adventurous by nature, globetrotter, impenitent traveler.
Neighbor of thousands streets, possessor of power of another World, who carefully navigates among us.
Possesses an internal agility to receive knowledge. Researcher and lover of chemistry. With more than 100 exhibitions all over the world he had participated in tens of art exhibitions in different parts of the planet, with emphasis in Asia.
He is a dedicated artist that leaves in each one of his beautiful arts, a piece of his soul, therefore that all of them look like illuminated for a superior being.

Art critics

Digital book

Digital book
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Original art work

Atrapado en la luz

Acrylic on canvas 100 x 200 x 4 cms Each work will be professionally packaged protected, and dispatched in a PVC tube, with its certificate of authenticity. Cada obra sera profesionalmente empacada protegida, y despachada en un tubo de pvc, con su certificado de autenticidad,